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Old Age Care

July 23, 2022 26 people Latest news

Age catches up with all of us and there is no way of escaping it. All we can try to do is to help the elderly live with dignity in their old age. They need to feel wanted and yearn for companionship. After spending the better part of their life managing their career/ profession, they reach a point where even handling themselves becomes an onerous task. Due to age-related issues, their faculties weaken and their mobility becomes restricted. These factors, coupled with the loss of near and dear ones can shake their mental frame as well. The feeling of helplessness and the fear of becoming dependent on others makes them despondent. Children may or may not be living with them. The reasons could be many but the struggle of parents living alone in their old age is real. How can we help the elderly live a dignified life? What are the possible options for senior citizen care? Let us understand their needs first. You must treat them with kindness and respect. Avoid speaking rudely to them just because they can’t walk properly or they are hard of hearing or have become forgetful. Remember, just a few years back, they were leading independent, active lives and managing their household.

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