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Paralysis Care Services

July 30, 2022 25 people Latest news

One of the most sudden medical emergencies that no one is ever ready for, even when we know it could happen anytime and be part of the aging process, is paralysis. Suddenly, a space, a room with a bed is converted into a ‘combat zone’ of medicines, cleaning fluids, cotton, gauze, bottles, feeders, napkins, rubber or plastic mattress protectors, etc. It’s devastating for the family and immediate amateur caregiver in the family, who suddenly finds his/her hands full. Paralysis is the loss of muscle use in a particular part of the body. As a result, the patient will not be able to move that body part properly. People suffering from paralysis also lose all sensation in the affected areas of the body. They may not notice a pin or a hot object pressed against the paralyzed limb. This proves that something has gone wrong with the way signals are passed between the brain and the muscles.

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